Phoneme Friends™ (Digital)


These innovative new interactive printable Teddies support phoneme identity activities, individual sounds for repetition, syllable production (CV, VC, CVC, etc.), phonemic awareness (blend, substitute, delete, etc.), language concepts and narrative activities.  What fun!

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Children PLAY with sounds in Teddy’s latest learning adventure! These innovative, interactive printable Teddies support:

  • phoneme identity activities
  • individual sounds for repetition
  • syllable production (CV, VC, CVC, etc.)
  • phonemic awareness: blend, substitute, delete, etc.
  • language concepts
  • narrative activities
  • imaginative, hand-on learning through play

The images are Teddy-ready…just cut them out and make puppets, headbands and games!

All Teddy Talker® materials have the unique cueing system for features of sounds so children can learn while they play. Phoneme Friends images match the Mouth Position Cards with Reinforcement Rhymes™ and they can be used together. (Mouth Position Cards give a close-up view of the mouth, Phoneme Friends work as manipulatives, props or characters!)

Use Phoneme Friends to meet varied IEP objectives, especially phonemic awareness and articulation…ideas are included! There are also Phoneme Friends that are not related to sounds, so the children can also develop language concepts along with narratives with several backgrounds (school, forest, home, theater.) Connect speech sounds to print for alphabet knowledge and phonics. As children have fun while learning, imagination meets intervention!

These adorable Teddies are easily adaptable to a wide range of activities.There are specific suggestions for speech, language and early literacy so your Phoneme Friends are ready to play with your students on their new learning adventure!

This comes as a PDF download and should be printed and viewed (please rotate view) landscape style. You can print back-to-back: “flip on short end” in the dialogue box.