B.E.A.R.R. TRACK Card Game…now with free “Build and Say!”PDF!


Learn about sounds and letters with this fun-filled card game from Teddy!

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B.E.A.R.R. TRACK CARD GAMEBuilding Early Articulation and Reading Readiness

WHAT DOES THE B.E.A.R.R. TRACK GAME DO?  Children learn about speech sounds from a friendly bear! Created by a speech-language pathologist, this tool helps to teach important speech, language and early literacy skills. This innovative card game is designed to develop articulation skills and carry-over, and make letter-sound connections in a fun-filled, multisensory way with Teddy Talker®.

THE GOAL:   Produce the most frequent sound for each letter of the alphabet and name each letter.  So we are Building Early Articulation and Reading Readiness.  (Yes, that’s our bear’s B.E.A.R.R. focus!)

HOW TO USE IT: The Teddy Talker® Mouth Pictures show Teddy making the sound on one side of the card, and the alphabet letter appears on the other.  While “teaching” Teddy the alphabet and its sounds (sound-letter correspondence), players perform a variety of activities to support production and memory for sounds and their corresponding letters.   The cards make a Bear Track Trail with each activity along the path to fun-filled learning!

As you play, notice the use of visual, auditory, tactile (touch) and kinesthetic (movement) modalities as the child learns through all the senses. The game can be played by four individuals, or more through partners or teams.

Use the Build and Say B.E.A.R.R. Pack PDF for moving pieces (manipulatives) to build Teddy making the alphabet sound.  Children learn how to get their mouths ready to produce sounds and name the corresponding letters. Teddy, our friendly bear, provides visual cues for:

– voice:  bowtie red=voice off; bowtie green=voice on

– nasal sounds: honey on Teddy’s nose

– windy sounds:  breath


  • 56 Teddy Talker® playing cards in a clear case (Mouth Position Pictures with alphabet letters and Activity Cards. (Game is shipped.)
  • Game directions. The instructions explain what and how children are learning through each B.E.A.R.R. card, and include a chart with associations and unique Teddy Talker™ cues for each sound
  • BUILD AND SAY PDF INCLUDED (This will come by separate email as a PDF) with:

printable Teddy Talker® Bear Face colorful and black/white version for the child to personalize and color; Teddy Talker® Cues to show voice, extra air, wind and nasal sounds: Moveable Mouths (manipulatives) to build each sound; “Building Blocks” Instruction Section with visuals and directions;  Teddy’s printable Visual Alphabet Chart with sounds for each alphabet letter, Alphabet activities.   This 44 page printable pack will be sent by email with purchase.

WHERE YOU’LL FIND TEDDY:  Teddy is at home in speech therapy, special education. ESL, home-based intervention settings where children are learning speech sounds.  The system supports articulation and practice while having fun!

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  Please contact me and I’d be happy to answer them or give you ideas of how this tool can be customized for your setting.  I love hearing from you!





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