B.E.A.R.R. TRACK Card Game


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B.E.A.R.R. TRACK CARD GAMEBuilding Early Articulation and Reading Readiness

This new and exciting game is designed to develop letter-sound connections in a multisensory way. While teaching Teddy the alphabet and its sounds (phoneme-grapheme correspondence), players follow the Bear Track Trail to fun-filled learning!
The goal of the game is to produce the most frequent sound for each letter of the alphabet and to be able to name each letter.

As you play, notice the use of visual, auditory, tactile (touch) and kinesthetic (movement) modalities to engage all senses. All activities are aligned with the Teach Together Toolkit™. The instructions explain what and how children are learning through each B.E.A.R.R. card, and include a chart with associations and cues for each sound.The game can be played by four individuals, or more through partners or teams.
The “Build and Say” B.E.A.R.R. Pack ($7.95) is an add-on to help you create your own Teddy Talker for alphabet sounds!

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