MULTISENSORY MATERIALS FOR LANGUAGE AND LITERACY WORKSHOP     As educators, our collective goal is for every student to develop communication skills necessary to meet the expectations of today’s curriculum and ultimately the workplace. Teddy Talker™ materials can support evidence-based interventions in both early language and literacy skills deemed important for later academic success.

According to National Early Literacy Panel research, emergent writing, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, oral language and print knowledge are all found to be strong predictors of later decoding skills in reading; moreover, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and oral language are strong predictors of reading comprehension. Teddy Talker™ materials are designed to teach these skills and other important language concepts in a hands-on, multisensory way.


• Describe the research related to and benefits of a multisensory approach to a variety of communication disorders
• List language-based skills critically important for later literacy
• Compare Teddy Talker® multisensory materials with related materials currently used within the scope of intervention• Create a lesson/intervention plan    sequence that develop phoneme-grapheme correspondence within their first lesson for specific students using multisensory materials
• Create a lesson/intervention plan sequence that can meet Common Core State Standards for language arts
• Create a lesson/intervention plan sequence that can meet specific IEP and/or curriculum expectations from your district’s learning outcomes



PUPPETS WITH A PURPOSE:  EFFECTIVE, IMAGINATIVE AND INTERACTIVE TECHNIQUES FOR CHILDREN WITH VARIED SPEECH-LANGUAGE NEEDS    Puppets serve as effective, innovative supports for speech, language and literacy objectives while developing broader constructs such as imagination, engagement and creativity. This professional development session showcases practical, puppet-powered ideas — providing therapists and educators with an easy, visually-engaging way to meet curriculum/Common Core/IEP objectives, accelerate students’ communication skills, and have fun! Innovative materials and strategies will be demonstrated across linguistic areas important for academic success. Q&A session will focus on practical applications for specific populations relevant to participants’ caseloads.


• List the benefits of using puppetry as a pedagogical tool for children with communication disorders
• Examine four key areas of speech-language intervention easily supported by this tool
•  Describe and demonstrate simple, practical puppet-based therapy techniques and materials *that address specific speech-language and early literacy skills


As part of these workshops, participants will have the chance to explore Teddy Talker® materials and compare to and combine with other related materials and products. We are flexible with budgets and time constraints, and will tailor each workshop toward the expectations of individual clinical settings or school districts. There are opportunities for both demonstration lessons and coaching as well.  Just as with the students we serve, learning during this workshop will be highly interactive. Our goal is also to have fun while learning!


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Call (800) 434-5371 (office) or (203) 470-6280 to speak with Linda Siciliano regarding questions or scheduling of professional development. For more information about Linda’s educational background, click here.